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Trina69 started this conversation

Hi, My name is Trina, 

I am trying to have a gastric bypass, But my Insurance finds reasons why they wont pay.  I have done all they asked of me to get this surgery.  I have doctor recomendations, and clearance.  I only have one kidney, and being overweight, is hard on my health, I had an injury to my knee, in highschool playing sports, wich now is verry painful.  last november I got Bellspalsey, which paralized the right side of my face. Its much better now but this is all due to being overweight.  I have tried every diet known to man, spent lots of money on things that just don't work.  I am looking for help to get a loan, that I can afford with payments under 250.00 a month thats all i can spend on my budget.  I can get a loan but they want a co-signer.  I don't have anyone who can do that for me.  the loan amount for surgery $13,000 if I go out of State to get it.  Here in US its $25,000.  Or help getting a lawyer to fight my Insurance company to make them pay, after all its covered under my plan and I qualify for it.  I just don't understand these insurance providers, we pay for thier coverage but when it comes time to use it, they don't want to pay.   if anyone can help, let me know.

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